Protect Yourself from the May 2017 Ransomware Attacks

A rash of malicious software or malware attacks is locking down computers around the country.
Don’t be next. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself:

Where are the attacks coming from? 

The attacks are coming through email attachments and links. They may even come through emails from trusted coworkers, companies you’ve done business with, friends or family.

What happens if I get hit? 

This type of attack is called ransomware because hackers will steal your information and hold it for ransom.

If you open the attachment or click the link, it immediately sends all of your data to the cloud and deletes it from your computer.

Documents, spreadsheets, accounting information and photos can disappear.

How do I get my information back? 

If you don’t have backups (more on that below) the only way to recover your information is to pay the ransom, which may be hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on how much information you have.

How can I protect my data?

Make sure you have a current backup. Copy important documents, photos and banking information onto a flash drive, external hard drive, or the cloud. If you use a flash drive or external hard drive, be sure to unplug it once the backup is complete. If it stays plugged in, the malware can attack it at the same time it attacks your computer.

Regular backups are always your best defense against ransomware.


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