4 Hard Drive Failure Warning Signs

Like everything else in this world, your hard drive will eventually die. When it does, if you’re not prepared, you could lose family photos, your half-finished novel, and the reports you’ve been working on at home because you don’t have time to finish them at work.

frustrated user

Remote backups are a great way to minimize your loses, but proactively identifying a bad hard drive and replacing it before it dies is the safest strategy. We can’t guarantee your hard drive will never die on you. Sometimes things just break. But we can give you a few warning signs that your hard drive is on its way out.

  1. Your Computer Slows Down

Slow operation can indicate one of several problems. You might have a virus or malware. You might be running out of space on your hard drive. Or your hard drive might be about to fail.

In particular, if you notice that it consistently takes longer than was usual to open a particular file or program, you may be on the road to hard drive failure. Now is the time to move your data to a new hard drive before you start losing it. Your local tech support team should be able to help you with this.

  1. Your Hard Drive Is Noisy

Most electronic devices make a certain amount of background noise. That’s because physical components inside are moving and working. You might be able to hear your cooling fans running or notice an additional hum when your hard drive is working hard. That’s normal.

hard drive no attribution needed

What isn’t normal is clicking or grinding sounds from your hard drive. If you hear those types of sounds, your hard drive is most likely dying.

You should also listen for the quality of the sound.  If it’s noticeably louder or higher pitched, you might have the beginnings of a problem.

(Before you panic, trying blowing the dust out of your computer. Sometimes fans can get clogged, which makes your computer louder. Get directions here.)

  1. Corrupted Data

This is one of those no good very bad signs that mean you need help and you need it now. If you’re trying to save to your hard drive and you get strange error messages, or if you’re trying to open a file that was fine yesterday or last week, but now the computer is telling you the file is corrupted, your hard drive may be dying.

Screen Shot File Corrupt

  1. Crashing

This is another major red flag. If your computer crashes for no apparent reason, that’s a pretty clear sign it’s time to call tech support.

None of these signs, on their own, mean that your hard drive is for sure going to fail, but they do mean that something isn’t quite right. Bring your computer to your local tech support team as soon as you notice any of these issues to avoid data loss and headaches.

Schedule a check-up for your computer today by calling Technology Solutions Inc. at 207-368-2880.


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