Why updates matter

It happens all the time, you’re in the middle of writing an email or balancing your checkbook, and the Windows Update Agent pops up to tell you to update your computer. You’re focused on what you’re doing so you delay the update. It seems innocent enough, but you may be opening your computer up to major security risks.

Software developers want their software to be safe for you to use, so they try to identify and fix holes in the system as quickly as, or faster than, hackers identify them. That is why updates are so important to computer system security. By regularly updating your software, you can help prevent viruses and malicious software from entering your computer.

Most software updates include security patches. These patches close security holes in the program that could allow viruses or malware into your system. Malware, or malicious software, is designed to get inside your computer and either steal information or spread spam and unwanted software.

One way to make sure updates are happening regularly is to schedule automatic updates in Windows. To do this, go to the Microsoft Support page, and find the directions for your operating system.

If you leave your computer plugged in and connected to the internet overnight, you can set automatic update to check for updates late at night or early in the morning to prevent them from bothering you when you’re in the middle of something important. With regular updates and good antivirus software, you can keep your computer healthy.

For more on keeping your system properly updated, contact your local technology support professional or call Technology Solutions, Inc. at 207-368-2880


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