Scam Alert! Cyber criminal tech support

Technology Solutions has noticed an upsurge in Cyber criminal tech support scams.

They start with a phone call. A “technician” will cold call you and ask you if your computer is running slowly. He may claim that the computer is sending out spam. Mostly likely he will say he is working for Microsoft, or Dell, or some other well-known and trusted technology company. He may ask for access to your computer and show you error logs that he claims prove you have issues with your system.

The way to fix this issue you didn’t know you had, is to pay him anywhere between $50 and $450 USD to clean up your system. When he’s done your system might actually get faster. It might seem, at first, like he’s helped you.  But he’s also tricked you into downloading malicious software that can steal your data including banking information and credit card numbers.

Don’t let this happen to you. If someone calls you claiming to be from a company you trust follow these steps.

1. Ask the “technician” to verify your customer information. If he’s a legitimate employee of the company, he should know who you are and what kind of system you have.

2. Ask if there as a cost associated with this service. No reputable technology company will ever call you and ask for money in exchange for fixing a problem unless you have already contacted them seeking help with the issue.

3. Report the call to Microsoft, Dell, or whichever company the caller claimed to be representing. These calls are a big issue for computer companies. By helping them track when and where these calls are happening you can help reduce the effectiveness of scammers.

But maybe it’s too late, maybe you’ve already allowed a scammer into your system. If so, call a reputable technology company immediately to have your system inspected for security breaches.

For more information on Tech Support Scams visit  or call Technology Solutions at 207-278-2304.



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