A Guide to Antivirus Software

As the name implies, a computer virus is a kind of digital disease.  These malicious pieces of software interfere with computer operations. They can steal, corrupt, or delete data. Like the flu, which spreads easily from person to person, many computer viruses can spread across computer networks or over the internet.

To prevent the flu, a human can get a flu shot. To prevent viruses, computers need antivirus software. This software detects viruses, prevents them from spreading, and disarms or removes them from your computer.  Any computer that is connected to a network or the internet needs antivirus software to protect it.

Though antivirus programs are the front line in your defense against computer viruses, they do have some limitations that the savvy computer owner should be aware of.

First, like the flu vaccine, antivirus software only works if it is used before the virus enters the system. Installing an antivirus program after the computer has been infected will most likely not remove the existing virus.

Second, antivirus software should be updated regularly. Most antivirus programs will send users notifications when an update is pending. Many even let you set a time for automatic updates. Updates are like booster shots, that protect you from the newest viruses. If you don’t updated regularly, your computer will not be fully protected.

Third, perform regular system scans. The best time to do this is during reboot or start-up of your computer. For more on how to do this, visit the help tab of your antivirus program.

There are a lot of antivirus options on the market today. Some protect your computer just fine, but they take up a lot of processing power making your computer slow. Others can be very expensive. Technology Solutions Inc recommends Avast! which our technicians will install free of labor charges.

* Technology Solutions Inc is a licensed Avast! reseller.


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