Windows 8 Tablet vs. Ipad

The PC versus Apple debate has been raging for decades. With the release of the Windows 8 tablet in late 2012, Microsoft took the battle into a new arena. The iPad (first released in 2010) and the Windows 8 Tablet both have their pros and cons. This review looks at three key areas: Physical Characteristics, Functionality, and Price to help users like you decide which device is right for them.

Physical Characteristics:

The Windows 8 Tablet is ever so slightly heavier. It has a slightly larger display, but the resolution is better on the iPad.


The issue of functionality is a complicated one. Ultimately, a device is functional if it is able to complete all the tasks asked of it. Using that definition, the iPad may be a better device for the average home user. It has longer battery life (10 hours, compared to 8 hours on the Windows 8 Tablet). It also easily streams music and movies through iTunes and other apps.  There are about 250,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad and many others that are easily compatible with it. The Windows 8 Tablet only has about 100,000 apps available as of September 2013.

The iPad is not infallible however, if you are a business owner or someone looking for a desktop replacement, the Windows 8 Tablet might be the perfect device for you. It allows for multiple user accounts just like on your PC and can support almost any software that runs on a desktop, including heavy-duty programs like Photoshop.The Windows 8 Tablet also includes USB ports and MicroSD slots, which means you can connect speakers, external hard drives, and a host of other devices. (To do this on the iPad you need to buy a special converter.) These features make the Windows 8 Tablet more versatile and more effective in office or multi-user environments.


When it comes to manufacturer’s price, there is really no contest. A 32 GB iPad (4th Generation) retails for $599, while a 32 GB Surface RT Windows 8 Tablet retails for $349. That’s a savings of $250 if you buy the Windows 8 Tablet.

(1) Windows 8 Tablet Specs:

(2) iPad (4th Generation) Specs:


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